Choosing Success For Your Child

By Dr. Reginald Barr, Chief Executive Officer

Choice dominates our lives. Each of us is faced with comparing new products, making decisions about purchasing almost everything, selecting music for listening, planning investments and choosing educational programs for our children. The world has become an open marketplace, requiring expert knowledge to skillfully consume products and services.

The impact of choice in education is obvious. Ten years ago students were assigned to a public school by a home address. Private school opportunities were reserved for the well to do. Now there are traditional public schools, independent public charter schools, district affiliated alternative schools, corporate managed public charter schools, private schools accepting public vouchers for tuition and the traditional private or parochial school. There are online schools, virtual schools and opportunities for dual enrollment in high school community college.

Choice is a valued tool, providing educational opportunity. The message is clear for educating children. A variety of options must be available for children to survive and thrive in this competitive global environment. Parents must understand the breadth of choices to find a good match for their child’s schooling.

Choice is the order of the day. In order to provide personalized programs that recognize individual qualities and potential, parents, students and educators are empowered to partner for the future. The leaders of our Arizona charter schools understand that no one can continue to look at any student as a number, but an opportunity to expand educational options, easing limitations and make choices accessible to every parent and child.

Courtney Braren, Superintendent of Instruction

Ms. Braren graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and received her Masters in Education from Northern Arizona University, Phi Kappa Phi. She holds a Teaching Certificate in addition to her Principal Certificate, Reading Specialist Certification and Early Childhood Certification. Ms Braren has been with AmeriSchools Academy for 15 years, throughout her tenure she has functioned as a classroom teacher, lead teacher, reading interventionist, mathematics interventionist, principal and curriculum director for all campuses throughout Arizona. Currently Ms Braren serves as Assistant Superintendent. Ms Braren’s first encounter with our students has lead to a lifetime dedicated to the AmeriSchools Academy’s vision and mission. As a classroom teacher Ms Braren worked a combined classroom with diverse ages, learning styles and needs, she found a home away from home and this experience solidified an understanding of how every child in unique. Ms. Braren has had the opportunity to work on re-authorization with the state as well as working with principals to provide every student a school experience unique to their learning needs. Each year year brings new opportunities for Ms. Braren to continue to serve the needs of our students throughout the state.

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