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When researching Phoenix Charter Schools, you will find many qualified schools that advertise a great learning environment. AmeriSchools Camelback Phoenix Charter School, however, understands the necessary partnership needed between parents, teachers and students for a successful learning experience. The innovative teaching and open communication from teachers is the reason that AmeriSchools is the Charter School Phoenix residents have chosen for their children.
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Camelback Phoenix Campus Curriculum

AmeriSchools Academy at Camelback is pleased to announce we are an “A” rated school, with 161 total points. We serve students from 10 different school districts and 32 zip codes. Our school ranks in the top 10% of all schools in Arizona, according to the Arizona Republic.

All of our lower elementary grades are now using SuperKids, a program exclusively designed for the first three years of school, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade.

Our first year students in the Readiness class begins every year meeting the 13 Superkids, a process which introduces the first 13 letters and sounds, builds vocabulary and writing skills. In the second half of the year, they are writing sentences and reading stories, providing a great foundation for future success.

At the Foundations 1 level, year 2 of the program, the students learn new vocabulary, how to decode new words, reading for comprehension and continue expanding their writing and spelling skills.

In the last year of SuperKids, at the Foundations 2 level, the students continue with rigor, learning how to read fluently and with comprehension skills which will carry them into the next levels of learning. The reading expands into nonfiction through the monthly magazine, SUPER, and the book club with covers 16 chapter books. The writing skills cover many different types including biographies, poetry and research projects.

Throughout each level there are informal and formal assessments to make sure each child is progressing and becoming a SUPERKID!

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