Phoenix Camelback Campus

When researching Phoenix Charter Schools, you will find many qualified schools that advertise a great learning environment. AmeriSchools Camelback Phoenix Charter School, however, understands the necessary partnership needed between parents, teachers and students for a successful learning experience. The innovative teaching and open communication from teachers is the reason that AmeriSchools is the Charter School Phoenix residents have chosen for their children.
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Faculty and Staff

Lorie Eastep


Persons Name

Vicki Ireland


Persons Name

Danny Starkins

Dean of Students

Annie Oertel

Teacher – First Grade

Aaron Molina

Teacher –  Second Grade

Ellen Grant

Teacher – Third Grade

Christina Nicolas

Teacher – Fourth Grade

Persons Name

Sandy Starkins

Teacher – Fifth Grade

Marsha Biehl

Middle School Science

Catherine Oliver

Middle School Math

Persons Name

Brooke Roberts

Language Arts

Persons Name

Cindy Riskas

Special Education teacher – K-8

Persons Name

Hester Brown

Paraprofessional – K-8

Persons Name

Chiyo Kacinel

Paraprofessional – K-8

Persons Name

Aida Payne

Paraprofessional – K-8

Persons Name

Lety Macias

Food Service Manager

Mariela Caballeros

Food Service