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When researching Phoenix Charter Schools, you will find many qualified schools that advertise a great learning environment. AmeriSchools Camelback Phoenix Charter School, however, understands the necessary partnership needed between parents, teachers and students for a successful learning experience. The innovative teaching and open communication from teachers is the reason that AmeriSchools is the Charter School Phoenix residents have chosen for their children.
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What Our Phoenix Campus Families Are Saying About AmeriSchools Academy

Our youngest is in the 3rd grade and has really blossomed. We want to acknowledge his efforts and praise his EXCELLENT communication and feedback – it has been thorough and invaluable.

We have been blown away by how much our kids get from the cooking class – Coach D is a stellar educator – our oldest played on the flag football team this year – WOW – what an extraordinary opportunity Coach D has provided these young folks – our experience as parents and our child’s growth and joy at being a part of the team was very special.

Our two kids have been at AmeriSchools Camelback for 3 years. Each year we have seen them grow in so many positive ways; character, academics, and many other important areas. School leaders, teachers, staff -It seems that the leadership understands quality education very well! We have been VERY impressed with the AmeriSchools teaching staff- our oldest child in middle school -in particular. This year’s’ middle school teaching team has impressed us with how engaged and excited our child has been with classes. We also want to acknowledge our appreciation for Ms. A for her efforts and great impact she has had on our child this year and last year. We are very aware of how lucky we are to have a teacher of her caliber working with our child.

My promoting class at Amerischools Academy  was like a family to me. And not just in the sense that we were close, although we were a very tight-knit group. There were only 14 of us, so we were quite literally the size of an average family. Nothing could have prepared me for high school more than my small grade and middle school.

Amerischools has helped me to prepare for the real world and the expectations of me. Not only it has prepared me to realize the opportunities in life, but it also helped me to work better. As a student of Amerischools for 8 years (1st-8th grade), I’ve learned much from not only the curriculum but what is expected out of myself as a person who is active in the community. The teachers taught me the fundamentals of the subjects that will help me for the rest of my life; through this I was able to to go beyond the standard-norm high school classes for my grade level. I’ve learned not only school-based knowledge from Amerischools but life lessons as well. Though the school being quite small comparatively to other elementary and middle schools, I feel that I have been prepared for high school in such a considerable way that couldn’t be obtained at some of the other larger schools. By this, Amerischools has prepared me for high school in many ways, which in turn prepare me for college and life after in being a large contributor to society.

It will be something we always reflect on as a family and will build on in the future – priceless. I believe all of us in the AmeriSchools Community are very lucky to have Coach D as a part of it.

Activities and Clubs A++++ Coneball, Bike Club, Soccer, Flag Football, Spanish Club, Chess Club!!!!!!!!