Yuma North Campus (PreK-6)

AmeriSchools Academy PreK-6 North Yuma Campus believes in supporting and strengthening community relationships while improving student achievements. Students receive a strong education-based curriculum, along with being given the opportunity to serve their community with various chances to provide for local charities through fundraising and philanthropic projects. AmeriSchools is one of the few schools in Yuma that believes the hours spent outside of school matter for continuing curriculum. We also offer early morning and after-school activities and clubs for children of working parents.
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Yuma North Campus Curriculum

With a curriculum aligned to the Arizona Standards, AmeriSchools’ Yuma North campus helps students develop a relevant understanding of their world and the world around them through studies in mathematics, language arts and technology. We believe in developing well-rounded students who can apply knowledge and understanding in all parts of their daily lives.

Areas of focus include:
Language Arts
Reading Street

Math Excel
Mountain Math
Engage NY

Mobile computer carts
Mimios in classrooms
Technology instruction


Community Explorations Set a Standard

AmeriSchools Academy at Yuma has provided many opportunities for students to participate in the community. This allows students to learn from everything around them as well as to give back to the community. We are partners in educating our children. Here are some of the very exciting things scheduled this year at our Yuma Charter School:

AmeriSchools community participation includes: 

  • Cocopah Indian Tribe
  • Renaissance Fair
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Food Bank/Habitat for Humanity
  • Yuma Territorial Prison
  • Yuma Historical Crossing Park
  • Yuma County Library
  • Yuma Conservation Garden
  • Betty’s Kitchen, a local wildlife area
  • Fry’s Food Stores and many others…

AmeriSchools Academy Yuma celebrates its fourth year as a PERFORMING PLUS school based on the Arizona State Department of Education. Our students are learning and achieving at higher rates as compared to other students across Arizona.


Hands on Learning!

Students learn more by doing than by watching. AmeriSchools addresses the need for hands on learning by providing many opportunities for our students to learn by doing more than just reading and writing about what they have learned or read about. Hands on means hands on!

Links & Other Resources

Parent Links

Power School
MOWR letter and notification
School surveys



Association for Library Services to Children
State of Arizona Department of Education
Annenberg Learning
Khan Academy


Science Physics
Science Explorations
Science Museum
STEM resources


Language Arts

Informational articles
Common Core


Other areas & Interests

Common Core & Science Career Technology

Social Studies

Current Events
Primary sources



Math tutorials
Math games
Math applied in real life
Story Books for mathematics