Yuma South Campus (PreK-6)

Every child has unique gifts and talents that are specifically theirs. Finding Yuma schools that highlight those talents can be difficult. AmeriSchools is identified among the Yuma Charter Schools as a school that personalizes each child’s learning plan to give each child their own inspired learning experience. The list of core classes taught, as well as the additional lessons provided by amazing teachers, will give your child an education you can trust and appreciate.
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What Our Yuma South Campus Families Are Saying About AmeriSchools Academy

Since I have worked here I have had a fantastic time. The staff is so warm and helpful. The principal, Mrs. F is wonderful and always willing to help in the classroom, yard duty, lunch duty, and even cleaning bathrooms!!! She trusts her staff to do what is expected and if they need direction she is there to lead them in the positive direction.

I really like that AmeriSchools now has structured PE, music and art classes

Started at the Yuma AmeriSchools in 2002, because of the fair and balanced environment, where the my children’s minds were allowed to grow. They are encouraged to laugh, they are hugged when crying, and taught how to care for the feelings of others by not bullying fellow classmates. With all of this, Learning remains the top priority, as my children come home excited about doing their homework. With GREAT teachers, GREAT front desk administration, the Principal can keep the school united on the same academic page… ABOVE PERFORMING! Keep up the Great Work! Watching my children smile, put me at ease!

Our family loves Amerischools Academy! The principal and teachers provide a warm loving atmosphere where the children can feel safe yet are still held accountable for their actions teaching them to be responsible young members of the community. The academics are outstanding as proven by their “above performing” status. We have experienced the public school system and feel so lucky to be a part of the Amerischools family!

While AmeriSchools South Campus does lack in size and for extracurricular activities, the leadership has kept me sending my kids there. Mrs. Fox is a positive, outgoing principal and relates to the children and parents well. She listens to the needs of parents and genuinely cares about the kids getting a high quality education. I have found the school to be a positive place for my kids and most of the teachers are great. All issues and concerns I have had are addressed quickly and I feel that my concerns have been understood and taken seriously. No school is perfect but the smaller class sizes and great leadership at AmeriSchools by far outranks other options in Yuma County.