Do Charter Schools Improve Student Achievement?

Among the great Phoenix charter schools, shines AmeriSchools Academy, a division of the Charter Foundation, Inc., a system of Arizona Charter Schools. These are charter schools making a difference in the lives of their students in a lasting way. Why AmeriSchools Academy is Different Every charter school has its own unique vision. Just a quick

Charter Schools: A Sound Alternative to Public Schools

One of the most important decisions a parent has to make relates to their children’s education and if charter schools are a good option. To make a better determination, parents usually weigh the benefits of charter schools vs. public schools. Cost Analysis Traditionally, for some parents, this has been a no-brainer. Public education is a

Why do Families Choose Charter Schools?

In Arizona, families looking for charter schools need to understand the four key factors they should be looking for in an educational institution for their children. There are four key elements that are quintessential that charter schools offers and that AmeriSchools Academy provides at our Tucson charter school and our schools in Phoenix and Yuma.

Understanding Arizona Charter Schools

Parents are always searching for the best option for their children, whether it is food and diet or education. Private schools can be expensive and public schools are overcrowded, but what about Arizona charter schools? This is a viable option that parents need to fully understand and explore. What is a Charter School? A charter


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