Understanding Arizona Charter Schools

Parents are always searching for the best option for their children, whether it is food and diet or education. Private schools can be expensive and public schools are overcrowded, but what about Arizona charter schools? This is a viable option that parents need to fully understand and explore.

What is a Charter School?

A charter school is a public school that is run independently. It has much more flexibility in how it operates and can focus on higher levels of performance from the students. Each school has a performance contract called a “charter,” which details the school’s mission statement, how many students they teach, their performance goals, and what methods they use to assess the students.

Charter School vs. Public School: What’s the Difference?

  • Charter schools are government-funded, but also funded by various sponsors while public schools are funded solely by the government.
  • Charter schools are subject to the same government regulations as public schools, but they are also more autonomous.
  • Charter schools are not required to accept students simply based on where they live as public schools do.
  • Charter schools keep their funding based on how the students perform on assessment tests, unlike public schools who have government-funding regardless of performance results.
  • Charter schools are founded and maintained by individuals and private organizations, whereas public schools are established by the government.

Are all Charter Schools the Same?

Because charter schools are started by individual people, every single one has a unique approach to their design and core values. AmeriSchools, for instance, desires to “develop life-long learners who are compassionate, culturally sensitive, effective and responsible citizens.” They are not part of a cookie cutter mold. Each one brings something different to enrich the students.

Why Choose a Charter School?

There are several obvious benefits to seeking out a charter school for your child.

  1. Because performance is rewarded with funding, charter schools are some of the top-performing schools in the nation.
  2. Charter schools raise the bar for education standards by not using a “one-size fits all” curriculum standard.
  3. Children who graduate from a Charter School have a higher percentage of being accepted into a college or university.

If you’re searching for Arizona charter schools to give your child their best chance, contact AmeriSchools about enrollment and get started preparing them for a bright future.


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