Do Charter Schools Improve Student Achievement?

Among the great Phoenix charter schools, shines AmeriSchools Academy, a division of the Charter Foundation, Inc., a system of Arizona Charter Schools. These are charter schools making a difference in the lives of their students in a lasting way.

Why AmeriSchools Academy is Different

Every charter school has its own unique vision. Just a quick read of the AmeriSchools’ vision statement informs potential families and educators looking for solid instruction within the Phoenix Charter Schools system of the premium we place on educating the a child holistically. We strive to ‘create and maintain a safe and inviting learning community to support both students and families.

With a goal to develop lifelong learners who combine their unconventional education with the virtues of compassion and cutting edge cultural sensitivity training, we endeavor to produce responsible citizens who have learned to work together and act in the best interest of their community.

How does this increase student achievement?

At the AmeriSchools Academy, we are dedicated to making sure each student gets the educational support he or she needs to grow intellectually and to attain superior achievements in academics and social standards. Our core values keep us accountable as we commit to maintaining high academic and social standards, motivating, inspiring and modeling excellence for our students.

These values include:

  • Non-Graded learning
  • Community as Laboratory
  • Personalized Instruction
  • Choice
  • High Academic Standards
  • Integrated Curriculum
  • Skill Based Instruction
  • Enrichment
  • Highly Qualified Staff

What makes the Phoenix Charter Schools a better choice?

According to recent studies conducted by nationally distinguished institutions, public charter schools are achieving their goal of closing the gaps for low-income children and children of color. In fact, Stanford’s CREDO study reports that both children learning English as a second language and those living in severe poverty are achieving more than they had previously in traditional schools. Consider these great improvements in student achievements:

  • We now know that public charters such as ours actually shrink achievement gaps for minority children living in urban centers throughout America. In fact, in some states, such as Massachusetts, the achievement gap between minority and white students has been closed thanks to the charter public school system.
  • In addition, students perform better in public charter schools than they do in traditional public schools. This is true for both Hispanic and African-American students, alike.
  • Public charter schools are having a positive impact on the drop-out rates and on increasing the rate of students enrolling in post-high school programs.

Phoenix Charter Schools, created by the Arizona State Legislature in 1994, are state-funded public schools. We aim to give parents academic choices for their children. Our goal is to foster an environment that improves student achievement comparable to a private education, but tuition free. So far, the statistics prove that we are hitting our mileposts and achieving our goal.


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