How Your Child Can Attend the Best Charter Schools in Arizona

As parents and educators, we all want what’s best for our children. And this includes helping them attend the best charter schools in Arizona.

Charter schools are different than traditional public schools, in that they are an innovative educational solution. Although charter schools vary in mission and model, they all have a unified goal: to improve student achievement through support, compassion, and proactive learning.

A Winning Formula

Did you know that the best charter schools in Arizona experienced a 5.8 percent enrollment increase in 2016 from 2015? This unprecedented growth is due to charter schools’ dedication to improving student achievement. Through clear evaluation criteria, skilled and compassionate teachers, a commitment to excellence, and public funding, Arizona charter schools provide children with a positive educational opportunity within the communities they call home.

The Admission Process Explained

The admission process will vary slightly from school to school. But all Arizona charter schools require parents or legal guardians to provide proof of Arizona residency.

If you want your child to attend one of the top charter schools in Arizona, then you will need to ensure that you submit an application for the required grade level by the enrollment deadline. Unlike some other educational institutions, Arizona charter schools do not base admission on national origin, gender, income level or ethnicity. In fact, most charter schools will accept any child that meets the required enrollment criteria.

However, there is a chance that the grade level will be filled before your child has been accepted. If that is the case, it is best to follow-up with the school to determine the best alternative option for your child.

Enroll in AmeriSchools Academy

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AmeriSchools Academy is proud to have a long-standing history as one of the best charter schools in Arizona. We provide a supportive environment where children are motivated to do their best academically and socially.

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