3 Reasons School Ratings Are Important for Your Child

Kofi Annan, 2001 Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Former Secretary-General of the United Nations, once said, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” These words are the foundational premise that many parents use to help them evaluate school ratings to choose the right school for their children.

Ratings: An Important Evaluation Tool

Whether it is government-assigned or parent-appointed, school ratings are important criteria in selecting the Arizona charter school that will best help your children grow.

  1. Discover the school’s history for excellence: A school rating can help to provide an accurate picture of the school’s history. For example, the rating might reveal that the school has continuously improved over the last five years.Conversely, a rise and fall in ratings might reveal that the school has experienced ups and downs in its quest for educational excellence. Be sure to evaluate the school’s ratings for national test scores, graduation rates, educational awards won, and the percentage of students who seek higher education post-graduation.
  2. Gain valuable insights into the programs provided: Extracurricular activities are often a determining criteria in a school’s rating. By carefully reviewing the rating, you can best determine if the extracurricular activities will benefit your children. For example, the charter school might excel at providing additional sports, but be lacking in language or cultural clubs.Additionally, the variety of extracurricular activities is often a good indicator of the school’s available funds. In general, the more activities that the school can provided, the better its budget and ability to spend to give your children an exceptional education.
  3. More easily compare and contrast schools:The beauty of a school rating is that it provides the foundation needed to compare and contrast your available educational options. Be sure to check the ratings from multiple sources, including: parent-sponsored sites, government evaluations, and teacher forums. By reviewing these sources, you will have a complete picture of the school’s educational opportunities.

When it comes time to choose an Arizona charter school for your children, keep the infamous words of Kofi Annan in mind and remember that “education is the premise of progress.”

Select a charter school that will give your children the knowledge they need to achieve progress. Enroll your children in AmeriSchools Academy today and help them become life-long learners who are positive global citizens.


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