The Top 5 Benefits Of A Charter School

The benefits of a charter school offer something special for every child, as well as parents wishing to provide them a well-rounded learning environment. All children deserve the opportunity for a safe, friendly community in which to learn, explore and grow. At AmeriSchools Academy, we are committed to helping your child experience more than just

Are Charter Elementary Schools Good for Gifted Children?

All schools need to provide a safe and effective learning space to meet each individual student’s needs. Unfortunately, public schools are restricted by state mandates, budget constraints and other regulatory issues. This is not the case for AmeriSchools Academy, a charter elementary school that offers several benefits to a gifted child that would not be

What Are The Educational Benefits Of An Alternative School?

Since education should never be one-size-fits-all, an alternative school is a great option that provides a safe and friendly academic environment for children who may not thrive in a traditional public school. In Arizona, there are more than 500 charter schools that offer an alternative to public or private schools. At AmeriSchools Academy, we have

A Parent’s Guide To Private vs. Public Charter Schools

Private vs. public charter schools is a question many Arizona parents ask. When it comes to your children, you want only the best. Before your baby even arrives, parents try to ensure that their child is cared for and the desire to provide them with every advantage never diminishes. And when it comes to education,


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