A Parent’s Guide To Private vs. Public Charter Schools

Private vs. public charter schools is a question many Arizona parents ask. When it comes to your children, you want only the best. Before your baby even arrives, parents try to ensure that their child is cared for and the desire to provide them with every advantage never diminishes.

And when it comes to education, it is never too early to begin thinking about what is best for your child. In Arizona, parents have a choice. Beyond the traditional public schools that follow state and district regulations, parents can also choose to enroll their child at either a private school or public charter school like our AmeriSchools Academy.

Private vs. Public Charter Schools

Both private and public charter schools offer a level of academic excellence that may not always be found within a traditional public school. On average, both types of schools have smaller class sizes to allow for more individualized attention, accelerated learning programs, and curriculum designed to challenge each student.

When it comes to sorting through the pros and cons of both a private school versus a public charter school, there are several factors to consider. The most common and obvious difference between the two educational entities is: tuition. A private school charges tuition fees to its students while a public charter school like our AmeriSchools Academy does not. We are tuition-free and meet all Arizona education standards.

In addition to a private school’s tuition costs, students must meet admission requirements before the child is accepted as a student. The private school can set the requirements as they wish, including benchmarks that must be met like achieving certain entrance exam test scores and/or impressing during an in-person interview. A public charter school may have a waiting list due to its popularity in the region, but it does not require students to endure lengthy admission procedures.

Unique Benefits of an AmeriSchools Academy Charter School

At AmeriSchools Academy charter schools, parents have the opportunity to enroll their child into a public school that not only meets and exceeds state core curriculum standards, but also provides enrichment and acceleration opportunities to continually foster academic excellence in all students. Our schools provide:

  • Integrated curriculum
  • High quality teachers who offer skill-based instruction
  • Personalized learning experiences through one-on-one interaction
  • Non-graded learning
  • Beyond walls: community as laboratory learning
  • Diverse extra-curricular activities, clubs, plus traditional competitive sports

Contact us today for additional information about the advantages of enrolling your child at AmeriSchools Academy. We have four campuses with highly qualified teachers and the personalized learning environment every child deserves.


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