What is Project Based Learning?

At AmeriSchools Academy, we want all our students to enjoy a comprehensive learning experience. This includes building and developing skills across multiple disciplines that transcends traditional classroom learning. This is why we believe in Project Based Learning (PBL). So what is this innovative teaching method and how does it differ from traditional teaching techniques? PBL

Will A Charter School Help My Child Grow?

At AmeriSchools Academy, our goal is to help your child develop as a lifelong learner in an educational environment that is safe, innovative, and enjoyable. When determining if a charter school is right for your child, one of the most common questions asked is: Is this a school where my child can grow and thrive?

Top Five Questions to Ask When Choosing a Charter School

A charter school is a public school that offers tuition-free education to students seeking an innovative learning environment that fosters academic and personal growth. At AmeriSchools Academy, we take this even further. We provide a learning community of highly experienced teachers and staff who are committed to creating a unique, top-notch educational experience for your


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