What is the Value of Kindergarten?

Parents with young children often wonder when they should start sending their children to school. Is kindergarten too soon? Will young toddlers at this young age really learn? At AmeriSchools Academy, we believe beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the answer is: yes. In fact, kindergarten is important to childhood development.

In the last few decades, studies have shown the increasing benefits of early childhood education. Early childhood education goes beyond pre-school and includes kindergarten programs that help children transition into primary grades. At AmeriSchools Academy, we offer kindergarten programs designed to foster academic, social and personal growth.

Here are five top benefits of a quality kindergarten program:

#1. Social Development

Kindergarten helps provide young children with daily interaction with peers, educators, and other adults that are not part of their family. Social development through these interactions is critical. Children have the opportunity to make friends, work together in a group, and learn how to play with others in a safe environment that encourages sharing and respect for others.

#2. Love of Learning

Young children effortlessly soak up information, developing a love for learning when a nurturing environment is provided. Our educators at AmeriSchools Academy make sure our youngest learners have the opportunity to engage in activities and programs designed to enhance their love of learning, building a strong foundation for future academic success.

#3. Building of Academic Skills

Kindergarten programs offer curriculum designed specifically for children not ready for primary grade studies. These programs are building blocks that explore language, numbers, science, and so much more. A study from the Education Commission of the States (ECS) reports that “kindergarten is a critical year because it is widely considered a ‘bridge year’ between early learning programs and primary school, intended to enhance children’s cognitive, physical and social development to smooth the transition into formal schooling.”

#4. Self-Awareness

Although kindergarten provides young children with the opportunity to develop social skills, it is also a time for self-awareness. At this point, children can begin to see how they are part the larger world, learning about community and beyond. Educators also work with children to help them develop two very important life skills: patience and the ability to concentrate on a task.

#5. Exposure to New Ideas

Coming together as a classroom community, kindergarten students are exposed to new ideas and concepts. Hands-on learning at AmeriSchools Academy offers an array of group activities, projects, and one-on-one interaction that enhances the education process. Here, children are encouraged to explore ideas, learn new skills, and celebrate their achievements with and for the community.

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