10 Kindergarten Readiness Skills Your Child Needs

Kindergarten is essential to childhood development. At AmeriSchools Academy, we offer pre-K and kindergarten programs designed to foster your child’s love of learning that will benefit them throughout their life and help them succeed in all endeavors.

Here are 10 skills or developmental abilities that will give your child a head start before entering kindergarten. They are also skills we help develop so your children can succeed and enjoy their learning experience.

1.Verbal Expression and Language Skills

Children entering kindergarten should be able to speak in full sentences the majority of the time, and be understood by their peers and others when speaking. Language skills also include expressing opinion and the ability to convey needs/wants by using appropriate words.

  1. Cognitive Development

Finger play, repeating songs and mimic games all help develop cognitive skills in young children. Children showing signs of readiness for kindergarten can identify several colors and shapes. They also may be able to follow sequences and patterns.

  1. Fine Motor Skills

Understand.org defines fine motor skills as “using the small muscles in the fingers, hands, and forearms.” Young children entering kindergarten should have the ability to properly hold a pair of scissors and cut paper. Fine motor skills at this age also includes holding/using a pencil or crayons, copying simply shapes, and manipulating puzzle pieces and other small items.

  1. Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills focus on larger muscle groups and include the ability to jump in place, hop on one foot, run, toss a ball, and catch a ball.

  1. Reading Readiness

A strong foundation for reading is important for continuing academic success. Reading readiness for kindergarten-age children includes these capacities:

  • Following along while a story is read and making simple story predictions
  • Recognizing two rhyming words
  • Reciting the alphabet, or most of the alphabet
  • Understanding the different sounds of letters
  1. Math Readiness

Math readiness for incoming kindergartens ranges from being able to make basic size comparisons to counting from one to 10 without skipping any numbers. Kindergarten-ready children can order three objects (small-to-large or large-to-small) and recognize small-group numbers (three apples or four blocks).

  1. Beginning Writing

Beginning writing skills are important for kindergarten students. These include the ability to write their name or the letters of their name. This also includes basics like drawing lines and other simple shapes that can help with letter formation.

  1. Social Skills

Key social skills include the ability to interact with other children their age, from side-by-side play to playing together. Children in kindergarten are also able to separate from their parents/guardians without any anxiety and have the ability to pay attention for at least five minutes to tasks lead by an educator.

  1. Ability for Self-Help

Self-help skills include being able to use the restroom without adult assistance, being able to put on and fasten a coat, and any additional dressing tasks. Not all kindergarten-age children may be able to tie their shoes.

  1. Interest

Children ready for kindergarten often show definite signs of interest in attending school, learning and being with other children.

Our four AmeriSchools Academy campuses offer quality kindergarten programs. Our Tucson and Phoenix campuses serve K-8, while Yuma North and Yuma South have grades K-6. Please note that for both Yuma campuses, there is a charge for full-day kindergarten as the state only pays for a half-day. Parents are responsible for the remaining portion.

Contact us today at AmeriSchools Academy for more information regarding our kindergarten programs or to schedule a personal tour of any of our unique campuses.


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