Will My Specials-Needs Child Benefit from a Charter School?

Every child deserves a safe, nurturing academic environment that challenges them to reach their full potential. If you have a special-needs child, he or she may require more from their learning environment than other students. In this case, selecting the right school is essential.

At AmeriSchools Academy, we offer high-quality educational opportunities to students of all abilities. To determine if a charter school may be right for your special-needs child, consider the unique benefits we offer.

Benefits of a Charter School

A charter school like AmeriSchools Academy offers all students several benefits that typically are not available in a traditional public school. These include the following:

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Personalized learning; learning at own pace
  • Immersive learning experiences
  • Inclusive setting for all students

Smaller Class Size:

The average class size at a traditional public school has about 30 students, which means less individual attention. At AmeriSchools Academy, we average about 22 children per class. With smaller class sizes at a charter school, your special-needs child will enjoy more one-on-one interaction with the educators and will have more productive peer interactions. A smaller class size also means less distractions, allowing students to better focus.

Personalized Learning:

At AmeriSchools Academy, we follow an integrated core curriculum for multi-age ability groups or non-graded learning. This makes it easier for students to explore and master subjects fully, learning at their own pace and creating a truly individualized educational experience, which is ideal for your special-needs child.


Charter schools go beyond the classroom and textbooks, offering immersive learning activities, programs, and experiences. These may include extra-curricular activities like sports and clubs, as well as the opportunity to participate in community projects and partnerships.

For example, for more than five years, AmeriSchools Phoenix has partnered with the Phoenix Theater Company to bring theater and the arts directly to the students. And a grant from St. Joseph’s Hospital allowed this campus to become a Second Step School.


Larger public schools may lack the sense of community you seek for your special-needs child. A charter school can offer this more easily. As LD Online explains, “charter schools are less likely to label students and more likely to serve children in a fully inclusive setting.” At AmeriSchools Academy, we provide a safe, inclusive setting for all our students; AmeriSchools Yuma South is even a Kids at Hope School.”

Contact us today for more information on how AmeriSchools Academy can help your special-needs child. We would love the opportunity to get to know you and your child during a personal tour of the campus of your choice. We also encourage you to set up a meeting with our special education director/ site administrator to discuss your child’s unique learning needs and to determine if AmeriSchools is the proper educational solution for your child’s unique learning style.


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