Are Charter Schools Successful?

In Arizona, more than 150,000 children are enrolled at charter schools. At AmeriSchools Academy, we have four campuses conveniently located in Phoenix, Tucson and two in Yuma. But parents often ask and wonder if charter schools are successful?

Without a doubt, the answer is: yes! We know you want the best possible education for your children, and a charter school offers a highly successful alternative to public and private schools.

The Charter School Difference

According to the U.S. News & World Report, an updated Stanford University study of charter schools in 16 states reveals that 29 percent of charter school students outperformed in math versus students in public schools. The study also shows that urban charter schools specifically have trended to outperform urban public schools, scoring 43 percent better in math.

Moreover, economist Adam Ozimek notes in his Forbes article, “The Unappreciated Success of Charter Schools,” that charter schools are consistently outperforming public schools and continue to improve.

Why Charter Schools are Successful

At AmeriSchools Academy, we offer a comprehensive educational experience through individualized instruction of core curriculum and enrichment opportunities. We are committed to the highest standards, working with our students to foster independence, encourage creativity, and achieve academic excellence.

Charter schools have the ability to improve a student’s academic growth by using innovative teaching techniques, including project based learning and mastery based learning. AmeriSchools also offers students the opportunity to become an active participant both within the school and beyond the campus in their community.

Charter schools also often have a greater capacity to develop the whole child through an equal focus on social and academic excellence, along with the various clubs and extracurricular program options to develop various skills in students. At AmeriSchools Academy, we thrive on giving children a variety of options to explore their passions and skills.

Another key element to the success of charter schools is their partnership with families. At AmeriSchools Academny, we pride ourselves on developing close family ties and working closely with parents to assess and achieve their goals for their children.

At AmeriSchools Academy, we witness success daily, as our students enjoy innovative educational techniques that extend beyond traditional learning techniques. Smaller class sizes where students learn at their own pace also significantly contributes to their overall achievements. When schools allow students to explore subjects, their passion and their talents, success happens.

Contact us today at AmeriSchools Academy and schedule a visit to any of our four Arizona campuses to discover the exceptional educational environment that will help your child succeed.


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