What Should Parents Know About Test Scores?

Preparing your child for spring testing season can be stressful, and it’s all too easy to pass on your own anxieties around to your child. At AmeriSchools Academy, we are happy to help parents put test scores in perspective so they and their children can be put at ease about the process. Our goal is to create lifelong learners who love education and can transfer their skills and knowledge to the community.

Four Characteristics of a Top Charter School

Choosing whether to send your child to a private school, traditional public school, or charter school is a major decision—especially when parents don’t know what to look for in a top charter school. At AmeriSchools Academy, we are proud to offer excellent education for all enrolled students at our four charter campuses across Arizona.

How Do Choice Schools Help Students Struggling With Math and Science?

If your child is struggling with mathematics and science, you have likely already tried the traditional support typically available at public schools. Although seeking additional help through tutoring and summer school can provide some relief, many parents would prefer an educational option that builds individualized instruction right into the fabric of the school. That’s where charter schools like AmeriSchools Academy comes in.

Advantages of Charter Schools vs. Public Schools

The choice between public, private or charter schools can be challenging for a parent who wants the best option for their child. Private schools may or may not be in your budget, and charter schools can be confusing for some parents only familiar with the traditional choice of local public schools. But many charter schools like AmeriSchools Academy, offer some great benefits at no cost to families.


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