How Do Choice Schools Help Students Struggling With Math and Science?

If your child is struggling with mathematics and science, you have likely already tried the traditional support typically available at public schools. Although seeking additional help through tutoring and summer school can provide some relief, many parents would prefer an educational option that builds individualized instruction right into the fabric of the school. That’s where charter schools like AmeriSchools Academy comes in.

At AmeriSchools Academy, we provide a more flexible approach to instruction, as well as more creative approaches to helping kids improve foundational math and science skills, which many children struggle with.

A “Growth Mindset”

One of the best ways that schools can help students who struggle with science and math is to help them shift their mindset. Instead of helping students by labeling them as “remedial” or otherwise “struggling,” one top D.C. area charter school focused on changing the culture of math instruction among their teachers first, which then trickled down to the student body.

Teachers and administrators worked to let go of negative attitudes about math and students who struggle, and instead, worked to embrace a more positive growth mindset in which all students are seen as capable of improving their natural math ability through patient and persistent practice.

Individualized Instruction

Choice charter schools allow educators more time and space to think deeply about instruction, including how to individualize instruction to better serve the students they teach. At AmeriSchools Academy, we incorporate more time for individualized and small group instruction into each and every day. This allows educators to offer different approaches to learning, including more concrete, hands-on approach that give students a deeper foundational understanding of math and science.

Hands On-Concepts

At high quality schools, students are given the opportunity to apply their learning in a range of different concepts. At AmeriSchools Academy, students participate in Project Based Learning, which gives them the chance to apply math and science concepts in real world settings. When students start to make connections between math and science concepts and the problems of the world in which they live, they can begin to see mastery of these subjects as a vehicle for making an impact on the world they live in, not just a means of earning a good grade.
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