School is Almost Here… What Should I Be Thinking About?

Back-to-school time can be very exciting for parents, and for children who enjoy learning. Unfortunately, there are a number of children who dread going back to school. The right school can change your child’s attitude and help him or her reach their full potential. Here at AmeriSchools, we want to help make your child’s back-to-school experience the best it can be.

5 Summer Reads for Your Kids

One of the best ways to keep children learning over the summer is to get them reading. It is still summer after all, you want to make sure that you get a book that keeps your child engaged. A good way to do this is to let them roam the bookstore and choose a book based on what they find interesting. We also recommend the books be at the child’s reading level. There’s nothing wrong with challenging a child a little bit, but if you make things too difficult they will avoid reading altogether.

Charter Schools vs Public: Academics and Beyond

Arizona has embraced charter schools in a way that few other states have. The state’s charter law, passed in 1994, allows local districts, the State Board of Education and the State Board for Charter Schools to create an unlimited amount of charter schools. As of this year, Arizona has 547 charter schools, giving parents more choices when it comes to their child’s education.

5 Ways to Know Your Child Will Succeed in a Charter School

Arizona has led the way in charter school development since 1994. Parents seeking alternatives to traditional public education and pricey private schools were attracted to the comprehensive development programs and autonomy of newly created charters. Charter schools like AmeriSchools Academy have the freedom to innovate solutions quickly, but with increased accountability for student performance.


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