5 Ways to Know Your Child Will Succeed in a Charter School

Arizona has led the way in charter school development since 1994. Parents seeking alternatives to traditional public education and pricey private schools were attracted to the comprehensive development programs and autonomy of newly created charters. Charter schools like AmeriSchools Academy have the freedom to innovate solutions quickly, but with increased accountability for student performance.

One of the questions we’re asked often is, “will my child do well in a charter school?” Here are five ways to know that your child could benefit from a charter school education.

  1. Your Child is Creative

Public schools are notoriously slow to innovate, which is why many parents opt to send bright, creative children to charters. Charters don’t have to slog through the same red tape as their public counterparts, leaving room to offer inventive learning solutions. If your child is bored sitting at a desk reciting rote facts, a charter school may provide more creative interaction.

  1. A Well-Rounded Education is Important to You

Public schools focus solely on achievement. Many charters, on the other hand, encourage positive behaviors such as civic responsibility and community involvement. If values are as important to you as grades, a charter education may provide your child increased opportunity to hone these skills.

  1. The Charter Ranks Highly

Parents are all too eager to speak out about the benefits of their child’s school. Ask parents in your neighborhood what schools they recommend. Check online rating sites to see what parents and teachers are saying about a local charter school in your area – for example, Greatschools.org’s 5-star rating of AmeriSchools Academy North in Yuma, AZ. If most parents and children recommend the charter, and/or it ranks highly for test scores and graduation rates, there’s a good chance your child will succeed there.

  1. You Want Something Special

Many charters specialize in a learning area such as science or the arts. Others describe their curriculum as “rigorous” and “demanding.” Some offer digital learning options or hands-on technology classes. Whatever your child’s interest or learning style, there is likely a charter school that provides for it.

  1. Your Local Public School is Underperforming

Though the addition of charters created more choice, not every choice is a desirable one. If the closest schools to your home are in an underperforming school district, or are poorly rated by teachers and parents, charter schools are a great alternative. They’re free, have easy enrollment options, and are required to maintain academic performance standards.

The outlook for charter school students is excellent. Arizona’s 540 charter schools lead the way in standardized test scores, meeting or exceeding the state average at nearly every age. Ideally, you want your son or daughter to be in the learning environment that will best help them succeed. If your needs align with the reasons and benefits outlined above, a charter school like AmeriSchools Academy may be the best fit.


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