5 Summer Reads for Your Kids

One of the best ways to keep children learning over the summer is to get them reading. It is still summer after all, you want to make sure that you get a book that keeps your child engaged. A good way to do this is to let them roam the bookstore and choose a book based on what they find interesting. We also recommend the books be at the child’s reading level. There’s nothing wrong with challenging a child a little bit, but if you make things too difficult they will avoid reading altogether.

At AmeriSchools Academy, we understand the value of learning and want to make sure your child doesn’t lose out during those summer months. Below are 5 recommendations that might interest your child.

  1. Ice Cream Summer by Peter Sis (Grades K-2)

This breezy, fun picture book focuses on how the main character, Joe, is learning so much over the summer, all through his fascination with ice cream. He even gets a special outing with his grandpa at the end.

  1. Waiting for High Tide by Nikki McClure (Grades K-2)

Spending a day at the beach with family, one young boy learns so much about the world as he sees all the creatures and their activities while waiting for the tide to come in. Then he can swim and play with those same wonderful animals.

  1. Narwhal by Ben Clanton (Grades 3-5)

Narwhal and Jelly love to have adventures together, and they like parties and waffles, too. There are three stories in this graphic novel, to help Narwhal and Jelly discover the joy of the ocean.

  1. The Jumbies by Tracy Baptiste (Grades 3-5)

Corrine doesn’t believe in the Jumbies, until she finds out they are real. Then she has to use her friends, her courage, and her magical powers to stop the Jumbies from taking over the island she calls home.

  1. Fish In a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt (Grades 6-8)

Ally has dyslexia and struggles to read, but when she has a new teacher to help her she learns that there is much more to her than reading. This is a great book to help children understand disabilities and be willing to ask for help.

These books are not just fun to read but challenging enough to help children learn and grow. It makes them a great balance between learning and entertainment, which can often keep children interested longer. At AmeriSchools Academy we believe reading these books will not make children feel like they are in school during the summertime, but will continue to help children develop skills that they can use during back to school time and beyond.

Reading is fundamental part of learning, and children who are read to and taught to read from an early age can do better in school. Because reading and comprehending the material is an important skill that carries through to all subjects that need to be learned, it is a vital skill to help a child succeed. With the right learning environment and good books to appreciate during summer downtime, children can be more prepared for the continuation of their educational experience.


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