School is Almost Here… What Should I Be Thinking About?

Back-to-school time can be very exciting for parents, and for children who enjoy learning. Unfortunately, there are a number of children who dread going back to school. The right school can change your child’s attitude and help him or her reach their full potential. Here at AmeriSchools, we want to help make your child’s back-to-school experience the best it can be.

Be Ready Before School Starts

Before the school year begins, there are some things you will want to think about. We can help you with those, and help your child have a better schooling experience this year. At AmeriSchools, our goal is to provide a learning environment that is safe and inviting. We have a different approach to learning, and a different way of considering what children need and how to help them succeed. With that in mind, a strong learning environment where children feel safe, secure, and nurtured can truly be provided.

Do I Have a Choice in Schools?

The answer is yes. Parents choose charter schools over public or private schools for various reasons. Charter schools offer things such as extracurriculars, community involvement and gifted programs. Some people send their children to charter schools to avoid the risk of bullying in traditional schools. The AmeriSchools Tucson campus has a “Kindness Rules” initiative where kids pledge daily to keep our learning environment positive and encouraging. We know children learn better when they feel safe. Providing a good environment for learning can be vital to their success.

How to Get Your Child to Love School

Children are not always going to love school. We understand that some children enjoy it more than others, and that it can be a struggle for youngsters to pay attention and succeed in a traditional classroom setting. When a child attends a good school with a learning approach that works, he or she will generally be happier and appreciate learning — especially as they move through the grades and approach high school.

Is there more that your child could do? Is he or she behind others of the same age and grade level? If so, the problem may be the way your child is learning. By offering alternatives methods of teaching, AmeriSchools Academy can help struggling children succeed.


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