A Look at Public and Charter School Leaders

If there is one thing that all parents can agree on, it’s that a great educational leader is instrumental to the growth and achievement of any learning establishment. Here at AmeriSchools, we believe that a strong leader who is educated, involved with school-related activities and is a good decision-maker has all the qualities needed to be an impactful figure in your child’s life.

Six Degrees of Education: How well-educated are charter school leaders?

A study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education found that principals of charter schools ranked slightly higher in terms of highest degree earned over traditional public school principals. Of the charter school principals, 9.5% earned Bachelor’s degrees or less, 63.5% earned Master’s degrees, and 10.2% have their Doctorate degrees or first professional degree. Of the traditional public schools principals, only 1.6% earned Bachelor’s degree or less, 61.1% earned Master’s degrees, and only 9.9% have their Doctorate degrees or first professional degree. Although the results are similar, charter school principals tend to have a higher degree of education.

Putting in the Time: Average hours per week that public school principals spent on school-related activities

When it comes to showing your child the attention they need, charter school principals understand the importance of putting in the work. On average, charter school principals say they spend about 59 hours a week on school-related activities. This includes internal administrative tasks, curriculum and teaching related tasks, student interactions and parent interactions. Traditional public school principals claim to spend about 58.6 hours a week on school related activities. Charter schools make it their priority to ensure that all students and faculty are taken care of under strong leadership.

Big Decisions: Percentage of school principals who thought they had a major influence on decision-making at their school.

One of the top reasons charter schools excel in education is the fact that leadership feels they have more of an influence on decision-making at their school. When principals aren’t adhered to one standard, they are able to make necessary adjustments according to the school’s needs. According to the study, 78.6% of charter school principals state they feel as though they have a major influence in setting performance standards for students, whereas only 69% of traditional public schools principals feel the same. When establishing curriculum, the study found that 57.5% of charter school principals over 38.3% of public school principals felt they had a greater influence.

At AmeriSchools Academy, we believe that principals and teachers make a positive difference in your child’s learning experience. We invite you to discover how your child can benefit from our successful leadership model when they enroll at one of our Arizona charter schools. Contact us today to get started.


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