How to Encourage Your Child to Like School

Think back to how you felt on your first day of school. Did you feel nervous? Excited? A little bit of both? It’s perfectly normal to be a little anxious about starting a new routine. However, if nervousness and distraught behavior continues, it may be time to look at actions you can take to help your child feel more comfortable going to school each day and to encourage your child to like school.

Stick to the schedule

Uncertain schedules could be a source of anxiety for your child. If mornings start off hectic, it’s likely your child will continue to feel stressed and unmotivated throughout the day. Try to set an earlier alarm each morning if it’s hard to get everyone moving. Take the time to prepare a healthy breakfast, and stick to positive language when you are giving instructions. Aim to arrive at school a few minutes early so your kids can spend time with their friends before class begins. Once your child returns from school, prepare a time and place for them to complete their homework. If you are struggling with setting up a schedule, AmeriSchools Academy is proud to offer before and after school care service to their families, where your student will be able to work on homework, participate in structured activities, and use computers.

Get involved, but don’t overwhelm

After school activities can give your child something to look forward to after a long day in the classroom. Encourage your son or daughter to join a club or a sports team that they’re interested in. AmeriSchools Academy offers dozens of fun after school activities such as flag football, basketball, yoga and chess. Once your child is immersed in the activity, they are likely to make new friends. This can increase positive feelings about going to school. However, be careful not to overload your child’s schedule with afterschool activities every evening. This could be exhausting. Pay close attention to your child’s actions and mood to determine if you’ve found a good balance.

Set a good example

It’s important that you act as a positive role model for your children when it comes to education. Show your child that you’re never too “grown up” to stop learning. Learn a new skill or pick up a novel from the library to show your kids that learning is fun. It’s also a good idea to ask your child if they need any help with homework or studying for a test. Getting involved and walking your children through the process strengthens your bond and lets them know they can reach out to you for guidance.

School should be an enjoyable experience. We want our students to love coming here each and every day. AmeriSchools Academy offers unique after school programs, fun lesson plans, and teachers who aim to make your child feel comfortable in the classroom. Visit us online at for more information and to find the location nearest you.


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