Quiz: How to Figure Out Your Child’s Learning Style

As a parent or educator, you may have noticed that not all children absorb information the same way. It’s widely accepted that children exhibit three different learning styles; kinesthetic, visual, and auditory. Determining your child’s learning style can assist you in understanding how their mind retains new information and can help you decide which extracurricular programs they’ll thrive in. Here at AmeriSchools, we’ve come up with a quick quiz to help you figure out your child’s primary learning style.

1). During my child’s free time, you can most likely find him/her:

a). Playing a sport

b). Practicing a musical instrument or singing

c). Reading a book

2). In the classroom, my child is:

a). Fidgeting with a pencil

b). Listening intently

c). Drawing pictures

3). When my child reads a book, he or she is:

a). Wiggling around in their seat

b). Reading out loud

c). Immersed in the story

4). While waiting in line at a theme park, my child passes time by:

a). Jumping up and down

b). Talking and asking a lot of questions

c). Playing imaginary games

5.) In school, my child’s favorite part of the day is:

a). Recess

b). Art class

c). Drama class

6). When my child is on their computer or iPad, he or she is usually:

a). Playing video games

b). Listening to music

c). Looking at photos

If you answered mostly a: Your child’s learning style may be hands-on. These kids tend to learn better by touching and doing things themselves. For example, when learning how to count, your child may retain the information better if he or she physically use their fingers to touch during the counting process.

If you answered mostly b: Your child’s learning style may be auditory. These children can absorb information through verbal conversation quite well. They enjoy reading and talking out loud to remember what they’ve just taken in.

If you answered mostly c: Your child’s learning style may be visual. Kids that “learn by looking” do well when things are color coordinated, organized in lists, or in graphic form. Visual learners tend to like photographs and looking at screens rather than being hands-on. They also have great memories and tend to recall names well.

At AmeriSchools, we welcome and encourage all sorts of learning styles. Our teachers do an exceptional job of working with students to ensure they retain lessons effectively each day. If you would like to learn more about AmeriSchools, visit our website at https://amerischools.org/.


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