Best Extracurricular Activities by Grade

AmeriSchools Academy offers several unique extracurricular programs that many traditional public schools do not, including chess club, yoga class, Zumba, and more. If you’re wondering which program to sign your student up for, we’re here to help. So to guide you through the programs that AmeriSchools offers, we’re simplifying things by suggesting the best extracurricular activities for each grade level.

K – 2nd Grade

You’d be amazed at the amount of activities younger children are able to participate in nowadays. These programs include (but are not limited to) soccer club, yoga class and language club. AmeriSchools Tucson has a professional yoga instructor who patiently works with students on a weekly basis. Very young children are encouraged to try new things, and stick with the activities that they enjoy. We advise parents to sign little ones up for one or two activities to start, as to not overwhelm them when they’re adjusting to a regular school routine.

3rd – 5th Grade

As students begin to find what they’re good at, choosing extracurricular activities becomes a breeze for parents. Children who are into sports can get involved in competitive flag football, basketball, soccer, and cone ball. AmeriSchools Camelback even offers a bike club! Children who prefer to stay off the field can learn how to play chess in chess club, or join Yuma South’s technology club.

6th– 8th Grade

By now, middle schoolers have probably already found their favorite club. However, it’s never too late to join a new one. AmeriSchools’ Yuma South location offers yearbook club, cross-country, Zumba, knitting and more! Research shows that getting involved in extracurricular activities as a middle schooler increases a student’s success in attendance, academics, and increases their desire to pursue continuing education.

AmeriSchools Academy provides opportunities for students to thrive and let their creative side shine. With so many unique clubs offered at each campus, students can try something new almost every year. So, if you’d like to learn more about enrolling your child at one of AmeriSchools’ four campuses, visit their website here.


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