Learning Options at AmeriSchools

Learning Options at AmeriSchools: Classroom and Remote

Many will remember the year 2020 as a year of challenge, but AmeriSchools parents will remember 2020 as a year of dedication, innovation, and amazing progress in their children’s education, for the present and future. Just as AmeriSchools successfully partnered with parents to quickly and successfully implement our online learning program in the first half of 2020, we are now delighted to provide you with even more value by introducing a “multi-option” learning program that will accommodate all students, regardless of their particular circumstances.

AmeriSchools Academy believes that positive relationships develop the whole child through higher expectations, academic outcomes, and social/emotional wellbeing. We also believe in the educational solutions we provide for kindergarten through eighth grade, which are based upon our understanding of the AmeriSchools community. In this spirit, we offer the following learning options:


Choose the Best Option for Your Child:

  1. At the School with Classroom Teacher
    Classes will occur each day and students attend during the scheduled times. The school will review safety protocols, schedules, and new routines to be implemented addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. These classes begin August 5th in a temporary virtual format, and transition to face-to-face classroom instruction August 17th. Information will be shared via Parent Square. Once school Dojo accounts have been activated, information will come through both portals.
  2. The Virtual Classroom

    Students will attend class virtually via a home computer. They will be provided two-way communication with the teacher and students at the school to participate in activities, discussions and assignments during the school day, just at home. School work will be provided digitally and may require picking up texts or worksheets that complement the daily instruction. Class is the same hours as if the child were dropped off at school and picked up. If students in Yuma are interested in Middle School, they would be included in classrooms in either Phoenix or Tucson.

  3. Online Curriculum

    Students will have online textbooks, online worksheets, and will have daily work to be delivered. The teacher will grade, provide feedback, and check with students weekly. The online curriculum is different from what is taught in the classroom or virtual classroom, but is designed to address the state standards. Classes are flexible and not designed around the school day, allowing families to work throughout the day on tasks. Task completion and mastery are determined in the grading.




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