Best Extracurricular Activities by Grade

AmeriSchools Academy offers several unique extracurricular programs that many traditional public schools do not, including chess club, yoga class, Zumba, and more. If you’re wondering which program to sign your student up for, we’re here to help. To guide you through the programs that AmeriSchools offers, we’re simplifying things by suggesting the best extracurricular activities for each grade level.

5 Tips to Completing Homework on Time

While every child is unique, some of the reasons why a student doesn’t finish their homework on time are universal. Fortunately, a well-prepared parent can help manage these obstacles. If you find your child consistently struggles with completing homework, take the first step towards improvement by trying some of the suggestions below.

How to Encourage Your Child to Like School

Think back to how you felt on your first day of school. Did you feel nervous? Excited? A little bit of both? It’s perfectly normal to be a little anxious about starting a new routine. However, if nervousness and distraught behavior continues, it may be time to look at actions you can take to help your child feel more comfortable going to school each day.

5 Ways to Know Your Student Needs a Tutor

Sometimes, a little extra assistance is all it takes to help a student succeed in the classroom. Since every child has a unique way of learning, not all students excel in a group education environment. Thus, many parents are opting for one-on-one tutoring sessions to improve their child’s performance in a charter school.

A Look at Public and Charter School Leaders

If there is one thing that all parents can agree on, it’s that a great educational leader is instrumental to the growth and achievement of any learning establishment. Here at AmeriSchools, we believe that a strong leader who is educated, involved with school-related activities and is a good decision-maker has all the qualities needed to be an impactful figure in your child’s life.

How Charter Schools Select Students

With about 550 charter schools available across the state of Arizona, parents have more options when it comes to their child’s education. In fact, charter schools have recently seen a 10,000-student increase in admissions from the 2015-2016 school year to the 2016-2017 school year. As with traditional public schools, new students who wish to attend a charter school have a fair chance in seeking enrollment and admission.

How AZ Charter Schools Outperform Traditional Schools

The debate over whether to send your children to a charter school or a traditional public school has been a topic of discussion for parents and guardians over the past several years. Parents may question the educational benefits that charter schools offer to students, and wonder whether they outperform traditional schools. Luckily, Arizona has been a prime example for charter school growth and continues to be a leader in education since the state started allowing charter schools in 1995.

What Makes Charter Schools Stand Out

Education is not a one-size-fits-all process, but state standards that hold teachers to rigorous rules and obligations can make it seem like it is. When students don’t fit into the mold of traditional public education, charter schools can help. Charter schools stand out from the crowd in a number of ways. Here are some of them.

Why School Choice Is Important

School choice is becoming a buzz word around the country, as it has reached the national level while more and more states are creating school choice programs. Why is school choice so important? What does it provide to Arizona families? Here are some reasons why school choice needs to be an option for today’s families.


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