Why do Families Choose Charter Schools?

In Arizona, families looking for charter schools need to understand the four key factors they should be looking for in an educational institution for their children. There are four key elements that are quintessential that charter schools offers and that AmeriSchools Academy provides at our Tucson charter school and our schools in Phoenix and Yuma.


At AmeriSchools Academy, we are dedicated to fostering academic excellence through individualized instruction of core curriculum supported by enrichment and acceleration.” We intend to accomplish our mission by teaching integrated curriculum that nurtures confidence and excitement about learning.

AmeriSchools Charter Schools throughout Arizona, specifically our Tucson charter school and our schools in Phoenix and Yuma, allow flexible teaching standards because we recognize the unique learning styles of each student and refuse to teach a one-size-fits-all mentality. We reach every child at the level they are at.


All students are treated equally within AmeriSchools Academy. The staff is devoted to meeting each child’s individual needs, whether they need accelerated learning or special needs. All staff and students, including the parents, are held to an expectation of excellence. Enrollment of a charter school is not based on race or socio-economic status. All students are treated fairly and equally.


When an individual has a vision of starting a charter school, it takes a community to rally behind them to form a successful school. This makes the ties between the charter school and local community solid. Part of the nature of Tucson charter schools is that there is a charter being upheld and a group of people overseeing the progress and performance goals. A charter school must meet those goals, and preferably exceed them, in order to continue being funded. The consequences of not meeting those goals would be disastrous to the future of the school, so the teachers and administrative staff are highly motivated to give the children a superior education.


As with any traditional school, charter schools have a board which meets and keeps the standard of excellence alive. They expect transparency with all donations and expenses the school receives and spends. For these reasons, full disclosure regarding all aspects of running the school create a check and balance system for high quality.

AmeriSchools Academy expects greatness. We encourage families to explore our Tucson charter school and our schools located in Phoenix and Yuma. The quality of your children’s education depends on it.   


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