About AmeriSchools Charter Schools in Arizona

AmeriSchools Academy™ strives to create and maintain a safe and inviting learning community to support both students and families. Our goal is to develop lifelong learners who are compassionate, culturally sensitive, effective and responsible citizens.


Our Vision

Our AmeriSchools Academy™ staff are committed to fostering and enhancing student growth by providing effective instructional support dedicated to superior achievements. We share this goal to maintain high academic and social standards, to motivate, inspire and model for our students as we work together to learn and become active participants in our community.

We are dedicated to fostering academic excellence through individualized, tuition-free instruction of core curriculum supported by enrichment and acceleration opportunities. To accomplish this mission, our goal is to teach integrated curriculum by utilizing multi-age ability groups for instruction.

Key Features of our school program

1. Multi-Age, Skill-Based Instruction provides a challenging environment where students promote their own advancement in the time they need to achieve the academic requirements.

2. Low Student to Staff Ratio for instruction with minimal turnover of personnel allows for more direct student instruction for the acceleration of students.

3. Nurturing Student Behavior, positive social development and anti-bullying policies ensure students are receiving the best education possible in a comfortable, consistent environment.

4. Community as Laboratory provides creative schooling activities, provides unlimited access to the community as a means for learning, and also instills the satisfaction of giving back to the community.

5. Supporting Classroom Instruction utilizing technology and internet resources.

6. Non-graded, Integrated Curriculum allows students to express themselves through their creative abilities, and promotes a positive self-image.

7. Enriched Curricular Content includes varied resources such as the Grand Canyon, San Diego Wildlife Refuge and Oceanography at Catalina Island.

Our History

As The Charter Foundation enters its twenty-second year educating Arizona students, every AmeriSchools Academy campus takes pride in assisting K-6 and K-8 students develop into life-long learners.


The AmeriSchools Academies, began in Tucson, opening the Tucson AmeriSchools Academy High School in 1997.


Opening of the Country Club AmeriSchools Academy.


Phoenix Camelback Campus opens.


Yuma South AmeriSchools Academy opens.


Opening of the Yuma North Campus.


The Tucson and Yuma campuses continue to support and work closely with Capstone Quest Academy to prepare three to five-year-olds for kindergarten. Capstone Quest Academy has offered before and after programs for Pre-K students beginning in 2013 for the Yuma and Tucson Schools.

2014 – Present

Over the last several years the Phoenix Campus, in conjunction with the City of Phoenix, offers students after schools programs.

The Charter Foundation looks forward to continue providing it excellent exploration, inquiry and learning to students at every campus.

AmeriSchools Faculty and Administration

Dee Kidd Executive Director/ CEO
Dr. James Francis Director of Academic and Student Services
Brenda Aveary-Gladney Director of Special Education
Regina Frausto Marketing Director
Monica Kern HR Director
Charissa Goodrum Finance and Accounting Director
Tammie Rohr Grants and Student Records Specialist
Nick Brangwin Staff Accountant

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