Best Extracurricular Activities by Grade

AmeriSchools Academy offers several unique extracurricular programs that many traditional public schools do not, including chess...

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Quiz: How to Figure Out Your Child’s Learning Style

As a parent or educator, you may have noticed that not all children absorb information the same...

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5 Tips to Completing Homework on Time

While every child is unique, some of the reasons why a student doesn’t complete homework on time...

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How to Encourage Your Child to Like School

Think back to how you felt on your first day of school. Did you feel nervous? Excited?...

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5 Ways to Know Your Student Needs a Tutor

Sometimes, a little extra assistance is all it takes to help a student succeed in the classroom....

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A Look at Public and Charter School Leaders

If there is one thing that all parents can agree on, it’s that a great educational leader...

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