AmeriSchools Tucson
Staff & Administration

The committed AmeriSchools Tucson staff and administration work throughout the school year to ensure every student takes advantage of the quality instruction and academic programs offered at AmeriSchools Academy™ .

Beatriz Altamirano


Patricia Martinez


Sadie Cruz

Teacher – Kindergarten


Lizette Davis

Teacher – First Level


Alzeny Mendoza

Teacher – Second Level

Vanessa Carrera

Teacher – Third level

Deborah Rutz

Teacher – Fourth Level

Joseph Lewis

Teacher – Fifth Level


Middle School Science

Christina Cruz

Teacher – Middle School Mathematics

Shakira Smiljanic

Teacher – Middle School ELA / Humanities

Denise Rajala

Special Education Teacher – K-8

Haydee Martinez

Teacher – Pre-k

Elaine Austria

Math Interventionist

Kamila Chantz

ASL & Food Service Coordinator

Dustin Earls

Physical Education

Veronica Heyer

Administrative Assistant

Victoria Cummings

Music & Reading Interventionist



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