What Are The Educational Benefits Of An Alternative School?

Since education should never be one-size-fits-all, an alternative school is a great option that provides a safe and friendly academic environment for children who may not thrive in a traditional public school.

In Arizona, there are more than 500 charter schools that offer an alternative to public or private schools. At AmeriSchools Academy, we have four different campuses that provide an alternative to local public and private schools.

Defining an Alternative School

There are many ways to define an alternative school. For some, the term conjures the image of a school for kids that struggle to succeed at a local public school. Others perceive an alternative school as a posh boarding school with an exclusive student list. Today, the term “alternative” for an educational atmosphere may describe several different types of schools and academic environments.

Most commonly, alternative schools are either a remedial/last chance school that focuses on basic course work and social rehabilitation or a charter school that offers smaller class sizes and individualized programs with high academic standards.

Benefits of an Alternative School

Alternatives schools have the potential to create a personalized educational experience for the student that is often not possible in another type of school setting, in particular, a local public school. This type of school can offer smaller class sizes, which benefits the student in multiple ways. A smaller student-to-teacher ratio means more one-on-one interaction that helps a child build confidence. The individual student is never forced to work to a set “class” pace.

Charter schools like AmeriSchools Academy also offer core curriculum that is enhanced by both enrichment and acceleration opportunities. Our students enjoy an immersive learning experience typically not found in a traditional academic environment. This learning experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Personalized, skill-based instruction
  • Non-graded learning
  • Integrated curriculum
  • Enrichment within and beyond the classroom
  • Education outside the school’s walls: community as laboratory learning

AmeriSchools Academy prides itself on offering the best educational experience for children. Contact us today to learn more about our four campuses, curriculum, highly qualified teachers and the personalized learning environment that is waiting for your child.


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