Top Five Questions to Ask When Choosing a Charter School

A charter school is a public school that offers tuition-free education to students seeking an innovative learning environment that fosters academic and personal growth. At AmeriSchools Academy, we take this even further. We provide a learning community of highly experienced teachers and staff who are committed to creating a unique, top-notch educational experience for your child.

Here are a five important questions to ask when choosing a charter school:

  1. What are the School’s Core Values?

It is important to find out the values of the charter school before enrolling your child. You want to make sure that the school’s values align with yours and are a good fit.

Every charter school should have published core values or a mission statement. AmeriSchools Academy has the following core values:

  • Non-graded, personalized instruction
  • Skill based instruction and assessment for every student
  • An integrated curriculum for enrichment, as well as acceleration while using the community as laboratory
  • A highly qualified staff
  1. Is There a Waiting List?

Since class sizes at a charter school are typically smaller than those at a traditional public school, there may be a waiting list to get in. Be sure to find out if this is the case so there won’t be any delays in starting your child’s education or if you need to consider another school. At AmeriSchools Academy, we provide parents with options with four campuses throughout Arizona, including locations in Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma.

  1. What is the Student-Teacher Ratio?

Students typically feel more comfortable, confident, and learn more effectively in an educational environment where there is more one-on-one interaction with the teacher. A charter school can offer a smaller student to teacher ratio than the average, traditional public school. This provides numerous benefits to the student. 

  1. Is There an Established Curriculum/Study Program?

Since every child is unique, it can be difficult for some to adapt and thrive in a traditional educational environment. When selecting your charter school, look for the curriculum program that will best suit your child’s needs. With AmeriSchools Academy, your child can learn and grow through an integrated curriculum that is innovative and specialized.

  1. What is the Parent’s Roll with the Charter School?

Parents are the heart of their child’s education. From birth through adulthood, a parent never stops teaching their child. Ask the school if there are any expectations for parents and what role, if any, they can and should play in day-to-day activities and the overall educational process.

Contact us today at AmeriSchools Academy to answer any of your questions and to learn more about our educational philosophy.


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