How Are Charter Schools Funded?

How are Charter Schools Funded? A quality education doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. Although the national average for private school tuition is $10,000 for one year, most charter schools are able to offer your children exceptional educational opportunities free or at a minimal cost.

For example, students at AmeriSchools Academy charter schools receive an individualized education that combines enrichment learning and a non-graded, integrated core curriculum. There are no tuition charges, except for a full-day at either one of our Pre-K programs offered at our Yuma North and South campuses. But even then, the state funds a half-day of Pre-K, leaving parents only responsible for the remaining portion.

So if a charter school is generally tuition-free, how is this type of school funded?

Funding Facts for Charter Schools

According to the Arizona Department of Education, charter schools receive state funding. As well as money that is in direct relation to the school’s pupil attendance. Arizona regulations allow any charter school to solicit for contributions. Using these contributions as funding for their academic programs and for other educational purposes.

Some charter schools receive operational and educational funding through various sponsors. Depending on the school, this may include a local school district’s governing board. In Arizona, if funding is sponsored by the governing board of the local public school district, then A.R.S. §15-185(A)(1) states that the “charter school shall be included in the district’s budget and financial assistance calculations.” Some restrictions and regulations may apply.

This is a transparent process that includes a written copy of the school district’s plans for funding the charter school. The funding details then are sent to the Arizona State Board of Education prior to the beginning of the school’s first fiscal year of operation.

Equalization Assistance for Charter Schools

Equalization assistance is another way charter schools receive funding from the state. According to Arizona law, equalization assistance for a charter school is determined “by adding the amount of the base support level and additional assistance.” Current “additional assistance” amounts via the Arizona Department of Education are the following:

  • Kindergarten programs for charter schools: $1,204.67 per student
  •  K-8 programs for charter school: $1,204.67 per student
  • For charter school grades 9-12 programs: $1,404.01 per student

Charter schools may also receive funds from private sources. These may include, but are not limited to, donations and contributions from alumni and local organizations or businesses.

AmeriSchools Academy offers four excellent charter schools located in Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma (South and North). Each campus provides students with the opportunity to engage in challenging academics in a nurturing and exciting learning environment.

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