The Top 5 Benefits Of A Charter School

The benefits of a charter school offer something special for every child, as well as parents wishing to provide them a well-rounded learning environment. All children deserve the opportunity for a safe, friendly community in which to learn, explore and grow.

At AmeriSchools Academy, we are committed to helping your child experience more than just a core curriculum. With an excellent charter school like ours, we provide five specific benefits a public school cannot.

  1. Educational Choices 

Charter schools offer families a choice in the educational process and learning environment. Students don’t have to live in a specific district to attend the school that best fits their individual needs. Arizona is home to 547 different charter schools that serve 180,000 students every year. At AmeriSchools Academy, we have four different campus locations in Arizona, including campuses in Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma North and Yuma South.

  1. Immersive Learning Experiences 

At AmeriSchools Academy, we offer enrichment through immersive learning experiences. These include a diverse selection of activities via committees, clubs and athletic teams—all of which are important benefits of a charter school.

Every single one of our campuses offers extra-curricular activities that range from traditional sports like basketball and cross-country to yoga and groups like the Foodies Club. Beyond the campus, our students have the opportunity to explore their state by visiting the Grand Canyon, Sonoran Desert Museum, the Himmel Park Library and so much more.

  1. No State or District Curriculum Restrictions 

Public schools are governed and restricted by both their state and local district. In districts where budgets are cut, the schools’ funding for extracurricular programs, field trips and non-core classes like art, music, and theater,is often reduced greatly or even eliminated. Students then end up missing out on numerous opportunities for immersive learning. One of the outstanding benefits of a charter school like AmeriSchools Academy is autonomy over their curriculums and programs.

  1. Opportunity for Smaller Class Sizes 

According to current data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the average public elementary school class size is 21.2 students per one teacher. At AmeriSchools Academy, we have the ability to keep our classroom sizes smaller to provide your child with a more personalized learning experience. When class sizes are smaller, children can work at their own pace and receive frequent individualized attention. Smaller class sizes also help to create a stronger bond among classmates, fostering deep friendships.

  1. Tuition-Free Instruction 

AmeriSchools Academy wants to make the charter school experience available to everyone. That is why we offer tuition-free instruction. Students receive core curriculum plus enrichment through immersive experiences and individualized learning, as well as essential acceleration opportunities.

Charter school benefits are numerous at AmeriSchools Academy, where we work hard every day to help children get the most from their educational experience. Contact us today to learn more about the unique opportunities AmeriSchools Academy has to offer your child.


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