Four Characteristics of a Top Charter School

Choosing whether to send your child to a private school, traditional public school, or charter school is a major decision—especially when parents don’t know what to look for in a top charter school. At AmeriSchools Academy, we are proud to offer excellent education for all enrolled students at our four charter campuses across Arizona.

Here are four characteristics of a top charter schools like AmeriSchools Academy:

  1. Freedom to be Flexible

Charter schools offer many of the benefits of public education without any of the bureaucracy of a large public school system. At AmeriSchools Academy, we are able to focus on finding the teachers and academic programming that will support and motivate students towards success. Instead of forcing educators to fit their plans and pedagogy based on district rules, excellent charter schools are able to offer greater flexibility. This means a wider array of academic offerings and unique opportunities. For example, weekly yoga instruction and chess coaching at AmeriSchools Tuscon, or the partnership with Phoenix Theater Company at our Phoenix campus!

  1. Highly Qualified Teachers

The flexibility of charter schools attracts educators who are looking for the freedom to inspire students and bridge connections to the wider world. Many states, including Arizona, permit charter schools to teachers who are highly qualified, based on their professional experience and education level. These teachers, while not yet certified by the state, often bring fresh

AmeriSchools Academy also attracts certified career teachers who are looking for an opportunity to expand their teaching horizons away from the typical restraints of a public school classroom. The end result? A blend of passionate, motivated and experienced teachers who, like the students they teach, have chosen to apply and grow their skills within the charter system.

  1. Individualized Approach

Excellent charter schools understand that the ability to provide individual and personalized instruction is what attracts parents to this educational option. Charter schools are a great option for students with disabilities, students looking for advanced courses, or any student who simply wants to be seen as an individual learner with unique strengths and barriers to their success. AmeriSchool Academy understands that not all students are at the same level. That’s why we provide personalized instruction so your child can thrive.

  1. Focus on Achievement

Charter schools that foster a culture of academic excellence can create a powerful motivator for students of all ability levels and backgrounds. At AmeriSchools Academy, we encourage students to reach their highest potential. And we are proud that our students typically exceed the state standards for Arizona across all subject areas.

Contact us today to learn more about what makes each of our AmeriSchools Academy campuses all excellent examples of a great charter choice for you and your family. Our team is happy to take you on a personal tour of any of our four campuses throughout Arizona.


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