Will A Charter School Help My Child Grow?

At AmeriSchools Academy, our goal is to help your child develop as a lifelong learner in an educational environment that is safe, innovative, and enjoyable. When determining if a charter school is right for your child, one of the most common questions asked is: Is this a school where my child can grow and thrive?

Here is what AmeriSchools Academy offers children of all ages:


Every child is unique and has his or her own learning capabilities, dreams, and drive. With our innovative learning techniques, students have the opportunity to explore ideas in ways not offered at traditional public schools. From hands-on learning to beyond-the-classroom experiences, children at AmeriSchools Academy are exposed to educational innovations daily that enhance their learning experience and growth.


The ability to make choices daily is essential for a child’s growth. This benefits their intellectual advancement and their development as a compassionate, responsible citizen.

At AmeriSchools Academy, we take this seriously and want to foster your child’s intellectual advancement and his or her development as a compassionate, responsible citizen. We offer many extra-curricular programs and clubs that encourage civic engagement and fellowship, and that cultivate their unique talents and skills. We also have multiple campuses for your convenience throughout Arizona, each offering the highest quality of academics and enrichment.


Charter schools have the ability to offer a more concentrated focus on subjects. And students excel when these subjects are paired with various innovative educational techniques.

At AmeriSchools Academy, we value this synergy and offer unique learning opportunities, including:

  • AmeriSchools Tucson has a professional Yoga instructor and chess coach who work with students on a weekly basis.
  • AmeriSchools Phoenix has partnered with Phoenix Theater Company for over five years bringing theater to the students.
  • AmeriSchools Phoenix used a grant from St. Joseph’s Hospital to become a Second Step School.
  • Students at AmeriSchools Phoenix participate in competitive flag football and basketball.

Contact us today AmeriSchools Academy to explore any of our four Arizona campuses that will provide a rich educational environment and broaden your child’s horizons.


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