Advantages of Charter Schools vs. Public Schools

The choice between public, private or charter schools can be challenging for a parent who wants the best option for their child. Private schools may or may not be in your budget, and charter schools can be confusing for some parents only familiar with the traditional choice of local public schools. But many charter schools like AmeriSchools Academy, offer some great benefits at no cost to families.

Here are four advantages of enrolling your child in an exceptional charter school like AmeriSchools Academy:

  1. Innovation

By definition, charter schools are granted greater freedom and autonomy than their public school counterparts. Because of this, charter schools have far fewer bureaucratic hoops to jump through if school leaders decide they would like to try an innovative new curriculum program, field trip, or pedagogical approach.

Charter schools like AmeriSchools Academy, are often referred to sites where great educational ideas can be incubated in a small, flexible setting. Innovative techniques can pay off in higher student achievement, and greater student engagement, and a commitment to innovation typically attracts more energetic, passionate teachers who are excited and motivated about making a difference.

  1. More Family & Community Involvement

Unlike many public schools, charter schools often work to specifically outreach to families who want to be actively involved in their child’s education.  This makes for a stronger community of parents, families, and children all working together with school staff to pursue the best academic outcomes possible for their children. In addition, many charter schools attract students by word-of-mouth instead of by geographic location, which means that families from a wide range of backgrounds and neighborhoods can come together around the common interest of quality education.

  1. Individualized Instruction

Thanks to the flexibility afforded to charter school teachers, classrooms in charter schools often offer more individualized instruction for students of all ability levels. At AmeriSchools Academy, we offer innovative teaching and open communication so children can succeed personally and academically. From designing lessons that appeal to different learning styles, to offering differentiated support for both struggling students and more advanced students, AmeriSchool Academy gives students much more than a “one size fits all” education.

  1. “Real-World” Opportunities

Since charter schools don’t have a pool of district run resources to rely on, they often have to be more creative about how to secure resources and create a dynamic educational experience for students. This often leads to creative partnerships with community stakeholders. In fact, at several AmeriSchool Academy campuses, we are proud to offer partnerships with local yoga teachers and performing artists. In addition, field trips and community learning opportunities are a big part of our classroom experience. At AmeriSchools Academy, we have the freedom to offer more learning experiences in the real world, and we also bring the real world right to the classroom!

For more information on how your child can benefit from these advantages, contact AmeriSchools Academy today. You can also schedule a personal tour at any of our four charter campuses across Arizona!


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