Charter Schools vs Public: Academics and Beyond

Arizona has embraced charter schools in a way that few other states have. The state’s charter law, passed in 1994, allows local districts, the State Board of Education and the State Board for Charter Schools to create an unlimited amount of charter schools. As of this year, Arizona has 547 charter schools, giving parents more choices when it comes to their child’s education.

Like public schools, charters are free to attend and funded by the state. Charters also have similar academic requirements, and are required to administer AzMERIT and AIMS tests. When you send your child to AmeriSchools Academy, you can rest easy knowing that he or she will be held to high achievement standards.

How Charters Stack Up

Research on student performance in charter schools is still ongoing. So far, the outlook is good. Studies show that urban students and those in low-income households receive strong benefits from attending a charter school. They see more days of education and perform better in certain major subjects.

For example, a study published by Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes found that charter school students in these demographics had more annual growth than their peers in reading and math, and received more than 20 extra days of learning in both subjects.

Charters in Arizona

Arizona boasts one of the most successful charter programs in the nation. Around 30% of our schools are charters, with 180,000 students attending last year.

  • AZ charter school students scored an average of 9 percentage points higher than public school students on state English/Language tests; 6 points higher in mathematics.
  • The top 50 schools for number of passing scorers on the English/Language Arts exam are all charter schools.
  • Arizona’s charters ranked at the top for performance on the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress.
  • Charters scored 296 overall, compared to 283 for regular Arizona schools.

While charter school students in Arizona outperform those in traditional public schools, charter spend nearly $900 less per pupil than public school districts.

The Conclusion

Judging by test scores alone, Arizona’s charters have proven that children can benefit from attending their schools. Students in charters outperform their peers on state mandated math and language tests, despite receiving less funding.

At AmeriSchools, we recognize that grades and test scores are important. We also understand that your child is more than a number. Our charter schools combine achievement-oriented classroom education with broader messages about cultural sensitivity, social morays and community involvement. We also encourage students to volunteer for committees and find athletic activities or groups such as the Foodies Club or Geocaching Club that align with their interests. CLICK HERE to enroll your child for the new school year today.


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