Why School Choice Is Important

School choice is becoming a buzz word around the country, as it has reached the national level while more and more states are creating school choice programs. Why is school choice so important? What does it provide to Arizona families? Here are some reasons why school choice needs to be an option for today’s families.

  1. Many Public Schools Are Failing

According to the National Center for Fair and Open Testing, 10% of U.S. Public Schools are failing. While that may seem like a small number, that percent translates to over 8,600 schools, and those are only the schools that are “failing.” Many more are poor or are not reaching their students well. School choice gives parents the option to pull their children out of these schools and place them in schools where they can thrive.

  1. Parents Want It

One survey performed by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools found that 80% of parents surveyed wanted school choice, regardless of geographic location. School choice gives parents control over their children’s education, and this will increase educational outcomes because choices will be driven by the people who know students best.

  1. School Choice Makes Students Successful

When school choice is allowed, children from low-income backgrounds are able to attend better performing schools, including charter schools, which encourage better educational outcomes. In 2015 the Center for Research on Education Outcomes at Stanford University performed a study that found urban charter schools provided more math and reading instruction than district schools, and students made gains as a result, even in disadvantaged communities. When parents have choices about where their students attend school, even those students who are at high risk for failure can find success.

  1. School Choice Improves Accountability 

Schools that are failing are held accountable to a higher level when school choice is implemented. Parents are given the power to pull their children out of failing schools, opting for charter or private options instead. This forces the failing schools to find solutions to improve student outcomes in order to draw back their student body.

School choice matters. It’s critical to student success and will help parents get power back over their children’s education. At AmeriSchools Academy, we will continue to fight for school choice for our Arizona families, so you can continue to choose quality charter education for your children.


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