5 Tips to Completing Homework on Time

While every child is unique, some of the reasons why a student doesn’t complete homework on time are universal. Fortunately, a well-prepared parent can help manage these obstacles. If you find your child consistently struggles with completing homework, take the first step towards improvement by trying some of the suggestions below.

1). Keep distractions to a minimum

Students are more likely to finish homework assignments in a timely fashion when there are minimal distractions. Have your child turn off electronic devices such as phones, TV and game systems before they sit down to begin their work. This helps cut down on constant breaks in concentration and helps your child to stay focused longer.

2). Have materials handy

There’s nothing more frustrating than being on a productive streak and then suddenly having to come to a halt when you can’t find your scissors. To avoid these burdens, make sure your child’s workspace is well-organized and stocked full of school supplies. Hopefully, your child’s teacher will provide you a list of tools your child will need throughout the school year. If not, it’s always a good idea to have a pair of scissors, glue sticks, pencils and sheets of lined paper handy.

3). Designate “homework time”

For most parents, homework time usually begins immediately after dinner. If you are consistent with this, your child can be expected to start their work right away. However, if a child decides to procrastinate, it may be time to set up stricter rules. Try setting an exact time each night where your child is obligated to sit at their desk and work without getting up. Sometimes working under a little pressure is a good thing. Set a timer for each assignment and have them try to finish before it goes off. It’s important to check in with your child before they begin their work for the night; ask your son or daughter if they understand the material before they dive in.

4). Don’t multitask

Did you know that you become less productive the more assignments you try to juggle at once? It’s important to teach your students to focus on one subject at a time. This is also a great way to teach your child how to prioritize effectively.

5). Set up a reward system

Don’t be fooled into thinking you shouldn’t reward your child for each good behavior. If your child responds well to the reward system, then that may be the trick to helping them get their homework completed on time. A reward doesn’t always have to be something big. It can be as little as offering your son or daughter an extra half hour of play time outside if they finish their work before a certain time.

At AmeriSchools, we want to help your child succeed inside and outside of the classroom. We strive to give each student the right amount of homework to ensure they completely understand the assignment and can practice and master each lesson. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s ability to complete homework assignments on time, contact us today.


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